Raised Moles- Causes for Concern?


When a person has moles raised above skin, this is definitely not always a benign feature. These moles, especially new ones, are a sign of skin cancer in some cases.

When these moles are larger and more misshapen, there is a higher risk. Moles that appear suddenly are definitely cause for concern.

People who get moles on their face may choose to have these removed. One of the reasons is aesthetic. It can be quite unsightly to have something like this on one’s face. But another reason for removal is that these moles can turn cancerous.

Always keep an eye on moles by charting their growth. See the doctor for any moles raised above skin. Especially though, ask the doctor about moles that have suddenly appeared in areas that have had exposure to sun.

Remember to always wear sunblock, and try to wear a hat to protect the top of the head if one does not want to spray sunscreen on it.